Welcome to John Hardy’s Bar-B-Q, where you’ll find service as fast as fast food, with friendly sit-down comfort.

All of our Bar-B-Q meats are prepared fresh daily and smoked over cherry and apple wood for meat that is tender and filled with flavor.  Our pork takes longer because we smoke it overnight.

Hardy’s Restaurant Menu

Sit down and enjoy all the great items on our menu.
Each day you’ll find choices ranging from appetizers to salads and from meats to meals.
Enjoy all that’s delicious at John Hardy’s Bar-B-Q.


Hardy’s Monthly Specials

We’ve got something new for you each month.
Miss a month and you’ll miss something delicious.
Enjoy all that’s new at Hardy’s!

John Hardy's BBQ

Hardy’s Take-Out & Catering

Take Hardy’s home with you – or – let John Hardy’s cater your parties, events and gatherings.
When you can’t be with us – we’ll get Hardy’s ready to go home with you – or bring Hardy’s to you.
Enjoy all that’s delicious from John Hardy’s Bar-B-Q.