August Special

Pig Trough Fries

Our take on loaded fries! French fries topped with our cheese sauce (spicy or regular), bacon, baked beans, famous shredded pork, cheese curds, and green onion for $8.99.
Simply delicious!!!
Come try a new favorite at John Hardy’s!


John Hardy’s Bar-B-Q Sauce 3-Pack (Online Price Only)


Choose from any of our sauces to make your own 3-pack of delicious BBQ goodness!

John Hardy’s Mild BBQ Sauce
The sauce that started it all.

John Hardy’s Sissy Boy Sweet BBQ Sauce
For those who like it sweet.

John Hardy’s Medium BBQ Sauce
Just a little kick.

John Hardy’s Hot BBQ Sauce
Proceed with caution!

John Hardy’s Spicy Hot BBQ Sauce
Really proceed with caution!

John Hardy’s Big Boy Hot BBQ Sauce
Need we say more!

John Hardy’s Bad Boy Hot BBQ Sauce
For the bad boys!